Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Just sitting here looking out the window watching the sky turn from sunny to cloudy, wondering where my life will take me next. Does life take u or do U take u? I think a nice balance and a sprinkle of each is best. I'm contemplating a move out of state. This will be the house I live and die in. This would be the final move and the final house. I dare not say "Final Destination!"

It's not like I haven't moved before. Geesh, I literally have moved 31 times in my entire life. Yeah, I can pack a mean box! But the older I get the less exciting this feels and the more work it becomes. I hope that's not a prelude for my future golden years....

It's that kind of scary/nervous/excited/anxious feeling. The kind of feeling that I, personally, adore! It's when u know u're alive, u're living above the average, the mundane. U're making choices for ur life that challenge u, make u think and feel deeply. I know there's no right or wrong answer here of whether to move or not, but I think I look at all of the work it entails(as I just moved 3 years ago), and I shrink a little. Bah-humbug! Don't want to pack another box. BUT I WILL. Keeping the end result in mind is my speciality. Do whatever it takes to obtain the goal u want to achieve. Wait, is that a Twinkie I hear calling.....?

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